Which folding door is best for me and how do I choose?

95% of a doors life will be spent closed and so the view should be a primary concern.

My 5 Step Design Process for Delivering on Quality Custom Jobs

Custom manufacturing is in my blood.  And challenges in meeting unique client driven solutions are what I live for. Over the years I have been asked to create many new window and door designs. I’ve never built a standard product that could be mass produced.  But, there have been times when I’ve given in to overly optimistic engineering and manufacturing practices.

A Kink in the Supply Chain: How Lean Distribution is Changing the Game

Virtual Manufacturing of Windows and Doors


Why Is Environmental Responsibility Important?


5 reasons Hope’s Windows is the leader in Steel Windows and Doors


From The Outside Looking In; An Outsider’s Perspective of 2Fold®

In The Beginning   

What’s up with glazing beads on steel windows and doors?

Funny that you should ask.  It is one of the most misunderstood components in the construction of steel windows and door.  In almost all cases they are NOT made out of steel.  You wouldn’t know to look at them because they are painted to match the hot-rolled steel profile sections.  What you see is paint not steel but then again, you never see the steel of steel windows either.

Why are Steel Windows & Doors SO Hard to Install?


How do I select the best folding door for me?

To make the best decision about anything, you need to identify your goal before you begin.  Most of the time this means that you have a single vision or concept about what your life will be like when this goal is attained and some idea about what it will look like.  This process identifies like a sniper, laser focused on our original vision and how to ascertain it.

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