Thermal Insulation & Steel Windows

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The steel window and door industry has long been resistant to adding thermal insulation to their products.  We need a little history here to help explain the reasons behind the reluctance.

Another Steel Window & Door Company Moves to New York


What Has Maker Faire Got to Do with Steel Doors?

Interesting that you should ask (even though it is just me talking to myself at the moment).  The connection is not so direct, but for me it is exactly the kind of thing that created the 2Fold® product and every other thing I have invented in the past.  Namely, I am always looking for the next technology, material or process to use in a new and different way.

Great Views With Steel Windows.


Steel windows are by far the best choice for openings that highlight a great view.  The thin and elegant frames allow for large expanses of glass with minimal interruptions.  No framing material other than steel can get the result you want and deserve.  Wood, aluminum, and plastics can be used to make windows and doors, but they don’t have the finesse of steel.  Getting steel windows built, delivered, and performing in an energy conserving manner can also be difficult.

What is the Best Alternative to Hope’s and Crittall Hot-rolled Steel Windows & Doors

folding door with swing door made of steel with muntins

Hope’s and Crittall have been around since the earliest parts of last century.  Their histories are intertwined and go back to the Henry Hope Company in the early 19th century.  During the 1990’s there was quite a squabble between Hope’s Architectural (predecessor to Hope’s Windows) of Jamestown, NY and Crittall of the UK because of Hope’s claim “since 1818.”  The end result was that Hope’s had to stop making the claim since Crittall had the direct corporate history dating back to Henry Hope and “Hope’s” of NY descended through International Windows which was a sales arm of “Hope’s England”.

The Best Alternative to NanaWall Folding Doors.

Very old folding door with broken glass and muntins

In every segment of every product category, there is an 800-pound gorilla.  In the folding or bi-folding door market that product would be NanaWall.  I can’t tell you how many times I talk to savvy architects and contractors that tell me about their “NanaWall” only to find out that what they are considering or even have already used is a bi-folding door from another manufacturer.  This must drive the owner of NanaWall nuts that the door function that he popularized in the U.S. is using his brand name as a generic term.

Now Architects Can Get Bi-fold Doors With Thin Contemporary Frames!


Contemporary architecture features large expanses of glass with minimal framing to support it.  Glass by itself can offer outstanding views of the great outdoors, but unless it is mounted in frames that can move the engagement is a passive one of “look, but don’t touch.”

What Does “Decks Becoming Living Rooms” Have to Do with Great Doors?


Decks are thought to be wooden platforms built off the backs of houses to hold a grill, a table, and some chairs.  Well, that is what they used to be back in the 70’s, but the trend is for decks to be architecturally designed with lighting and aesthetic appeal to make them as important to a house as the living room.  In fact, they are becoming an extension of the living room, it not its replacement in moderate climates.

Everything You Need to Know About Pivot Doors.


Almost 20 years ago I designed a pivot door that was 8 feet x 8 feet.  It was painted bright red and was installed on a small interesting house designed with all corrugated paneling on the exterior.  This all glass door with very thin frame was the only color.  At the time, people thought I was crazy, but the door was loved by everyone involved with the project.

How Do You Define the Perfect Window or Door Product?


Perfection is in the eye of the buyer and the companies trying to sell to them.  No matter how you slice it, perfection is most easily defined as Better, Faster, Cheaper!  The cruel truth of the matter is that all three of these factors fight one another and compromise is the only way to get to the “perfect” solution.

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