5 reasons Hope’s Windows is the leader in Steel Windows and Doors


From The Outside Looking In; An Outsider’s Perspective of 2Fold®

In The Beginning   

What’s up with glazing beads on steel windows and doors?

Funny that you should ask.  It is one of the most misunderstood components in the construction of steel windows and door.  In almost all cases they are NOT made out of steel.  You wouldn’t know to look at them because they are painted to match the hot-rolled steel profile sections.  What you see is paint not steel but then again, you never see the steel of steel windows either.

Why are Steel Windows & Doors SO Hard to Install?


How do I select the best folding door for me?

To make the best decision about anything, you need to identify your goal before you begin.  Most of the time this means that you have a single vision or concept about what your life will be like when this goal is attained and some idea about what it will look like.  This process identifies like a sniper, laser focused on our original vision and how to ascertain it.

Can Window and Door Competitors Be Friends?

Yesterday, I had the pleasure to meet a project architect from a firm I have worked with for many, many years on a job site.  We showed some samples and discussed her project’s design intent and special needs.  It was a lot of fun for me because I have not done a lot of site meetings in the last few years. 

Thermal Insulation & Steel Windows

Types of Steel Window. Door Thermal Breaks. Thermal Break Design. break design. design.

The steel window and door industry has long been resistant to adding thermal insulation to their products.  We need a little history here to help explain the reasons behind the reluctance.

Another Steel Window & Door Company Moves to New York


What Has Maker Faire Got to Do with Steel Doors?

Interesting that you should ask (even though it is just me talking to myself at the moment).  The connection is not so direct, but for me it is exactly the kind of thing that created the 2Fold® product and every other thing I have invented in the past.  Namely, I am always looking for the next technology, material or process to use in a new and different way.

Great Views With Steel Windows

Colorado 2fold job. Moveable wall. 2fold window wall. 2fold moveable window wall. window wall concept. window wall concept by 2fold. 2fold bi-folding door. bi-folding door. bi-folding door system. bi-folding door system design concept. moveable glass wall. Fixed panels. fixed window wall.

Steel windows are by far the best choice for openings that highlight a great view.  The thin and elegant frames allow for large expanses of glass with minimal interruptions.  No framing material other than steel can get the result you want and deserve.  Wood, aluminum, and plastics can be used to make windows and doors, but they don’t have the finesse of steel.  Getting steel windows built, delivered, and performing in an energy conserving manner can also be difficult.

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