Who are my heroes?

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I’m spending my week in Atlanta at DriveWorks World 2017.  DriveWorks is an amazing, infinite customization configuration that sits on top of SolidWorks 3D software.  Before you get turned off by this blog because it's about the computer, database and engineering technological insights that might be boring to you, please give it a try. The DriveWorks notation is just to frame the subject.  This is a story about vision and growth.

How Do You Go About Designing a New Product?

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There are two general ways to go about the process of designing a new product.  You can start with a revolutionary new idea or technology and evolve it, or you can start with a burning need and figure out what technology can help you solve it in a more valuable way than exists today.  In other words, is the ass led by the head or the head led by the ass.

Why Does the Type of Door Weatherstrip Matter?

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Weatherstripping for doors is NOT ancient technology.  The earliest of doors had none.  The door just rested against the stop of the frame as closely as possible and you hoped for the best.  Having a door at all was a big improvement over living in a cave.  We are so spoiled.  We take doors for granted and just assume that they have effective weather-strip.

Muntin vs. Mullion! What’s the Difference?

French door with lockbox and muntins as part of a window wall with steel mullions

I would venture to say that most people don’t even know the words muntin and mullion, much less know what the difference is.  In fact, as I am typing this, the automatic spelling checker in Microsoft Word has identified “muntins” as a misspelling.  Wow, even a mega-corporation like Microsoft doesn’t know what a muntin is.  Yup, even the singular form used in the last sentence popped up as an error.

Just Because You Can Doesn’t Mean You Should.

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If I had heard this one a few decades ago, and heeded its warning, I would probably be much more successful at this point in my life.  Instead, I have been played like a fiddle by partners and others who appealed to my ego and got me wandering off to where no man has ever gone before.  I should have known better.

Do You Really Need insect Screens?

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I’ve spent most of my 45-year career designing and selling beautiful windows and doors.  Most of them have been mostly glass with relatively thin frames.  Architects usually specified them because they fit into the modern, delicate aesthetic of their design.  Then the owners review everything and says how about insect screens?  When I hear that question, my shoulders slump, my smile disappears, and I think to myself, “If you are truly rich and powerful, why can’t you control the flies and mosquitoes without screens.”

How Can I Make My House Bigger?

A home in need of a 2fold product. Open spaces and connectivity leave exposure points that 2fold products can fill.

Bigger isn’t always better, although don’t try to tell most guys that.  Despite that, I’m going to look at making your house bigger in obvious ways and less obvious ways.  Let’s start with the obvious first.

What are the Differences in these folding Doors?


Folding glass walls or folding exterior glass doors are used to create large openings in a building that can be fully opened to physically join the outside with the inside.  This is why people are attracted to them in increasing numbers.  Imagine having a kitchen or great room where you can hold a party that allows a free flow to your terrace or patio area as though it is simply an extension of the indoors.  This notion excites folks, and every folding door serves the same function.  It is hard to create differentiation between them but buying the least expensive one might not be the best choice for you.

Why Does It Take so Long to Make a Custom Door?

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Speed of delivery depends on a lot of factors.  Most doors that you buy off the shelf in some lumber yard or home center are made to standard sizes and colors.  There are some size ranges that have become “standards” over the decades of American home and commercial building.  For example, 36” x 80” doors are a standard and almost everyone makes rough openings that will fit doors from almost every door maker.  They are immediately available for you to buy either unfinished or in a small selection of colors.  Manufacturers can make thousands of them for stock and dealers can have them immediately available for you so long as you want the exact features that they have on hand.

Steel vs. Aluminum for windows and doors?

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Windows and doors were never made from aluminum until the mid 20th century.  Steel was the metal that dominated the market before then dating back to the 19th Century.  Cast iron storefronts can still be found in building of the late 1800’s, however, hot-rolled steel became the most popular option once it was discovered.

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