What is a Door and Why Should I Care?

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I have probably hit a new low in being pedantic and speaking down to you, but there is no depth to which I will not travel.  Almost all of you if asked what is a door will create the mental image of the entrance door of your home or the door leading to the bedroom or bathroom of your home.  When I Googled this question, I got lots of definitions, but Wikipedia’s caught my eye the most.

Making Your Model Home Memorable


There is no such thing as bad publicity is something that you always hear, but we use the word memorable here as a positive description.  Nobody wants to be the example that their competitor uses to explain what NOT to do.  The idea here is to distinguish your model home from the others that the buying public visit.  We’re talking about WOW! vs. Ye Gads!

What do you call a multi-panel exterior glass door that gathers all its panels to one end or the other?

The oldest and most generic term to describe this group of products characterized by groups of paired sashes or leaves (the moving parts of a door or window vs. the frame that attaches permanently to the building) is probably “bi-fold door”.

How to Get More Sunlight into Your House?

Sunlight makes things grow, uplifts your spirits, and warms you up.  It also provides a free alternative to electric lighting during daylight hours.  There is, however, a tradeoff or price to be paid for the benefits it brings.  The dilemma is getting more sunlight with the lowest cost.

What’s a movable glass wall?

Modern architecture loves huge expanses of glass.  Who wants to be boxed into the dreary darkness of four bare walls when you could commune with nature within a climate controlled interior space?

Tucson Residence the Night of the installation

This is just a quick follow-up to the BEFORE post below.  This was taken the night the installation was completed before all of the repairs and clean-up were complete.  The visual change overwhelmed the homeowners.  They are working hard to finish the room redesign to take full advantage of their wonderful new engagement with the outdoors.  There will be more photos to follow soon

Tucson Project Before

Since the beginning of the year, we have been building and arranging for the installation of a wonderful project in Tucson.  The house is in a country club community and was built in the '70's by the first woman architect to graduate from the University of Arizona Architecture School.  The house has good bones but needed a facelift to help the large living room better relate to the wonderful front courtyard.  The attached photo is what it looked like before the demolition began.

Patent and Trademark

Patent Office

The former U.S. Patent Office, a Greek Revival building that was begun in 1836


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