What is the Best Alternative to Crittall & Hope's?

Hope’s and Crittall have been around since the earliest parts of last century. They are household names that have dominated the market for years. They make excellent products, but are they the only option? Are they the best option, for that matter? Not necessarily.

Can Anyone Compete with Hope's: the leader in steel windows and doors


Hope’s Windows is to steel windows and doors what Coca-Cola is to soft drinks.  They are the brand by which all the other manufacturers of steel windows are compared. After being a Hope’s agent in the NYC area for about 16 years, I came to understand the company from the inside out. Several truths come to mind as I analyze what makes them so ubiquitous

  • Years in Business

  • Product Quality

  • Photography

  • Industry Support

  • Short-term Memory


Which folding door is best for me and how do I choose?

95% of a doors life will be spent closed and so the view should be a primary concern.

My 5 Step Design Process for Delivering on Quality Custom Jobs

Custom manufacturing is in my blood.  And challenges in meeting unique client driven solutions are what I live for. Over the years I have been asked to create many new window and door designs. I’ve never built a standard product that could be mass produced.  But, there have been times when I’ve given in to overly optimistic engineering and manufacturing practices.

A Kink in the Supply Chain: How Lean Distribution is Changing the Game

Virtual Manufacturing of Windows and Doors


Why Is Environmental Responsibility Important?


5 reasons Hope’s Windows is the leader in Steel Windows and Doors


What’s up with glazing beads on steel windows and doors?

Funny that you should ask.  It is one of the most misunderstood components in the construction of steel windows and door.  In almost all cases they are NOT made out of steel.  You wouldn’t know to look at them because they are painted to match the hot-rolled steel profile sections.  What you see is paint not steel but then again, you never see the steel of steel windows either.

Why are Steel Windows & Doors SO Hard to Install?


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